Latest Project 2 tables called “Shannon” and “Gauss”

December 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

We just finished 2 tables for our client in MD. “Shannon” and “Gauss”.

Shannon is blonde maple:

Gauss is made with reclaimed pine bowling lane wood. The top is ebony, and the bottom unit of apron and legs are a deep brown:

In the pictures you can see craftsman Adam, here’s what he writes about creating these tables.

Gauss, a yellow pine table, was once part of a bowling lane in the Adirondak mountains of upstate New York. I selected an 8′ length, reinforced the underside with steel and then sanded the surfaces. Given the weight of the table I designed a leg frame with cross and diagonal bracing to withstand all forces. The tabletop was stained with ebony and the legs received a brown walnut color. I applied 3 coats of a dull rub finish all around, hand applied and polished in a traditional New England fashion.

Shannon was built from locally harvested maple. I buy all my domestic hardwoods from a mill a few miles from my parents farm in the upper Catskill mountains of upstate. My brother is a blacksmith, a craftsman as well, and I commissioned him to make a set of steel braces which I used to reinforce the slab legs. This table has very smooth, clean lines and to maintain that the braces are completely hidden within the wood. I left the natural wood color and hand coated the table with semi-gloss polyurethane.

IMG_20121219_150652 IMG_20121219_151111 IMG_20121219_151103 IMG_20121219_150429 IMG_20121219_150408 IMG_20121219_150331 IMG_20121219_143837





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