Betsy Bell’s table

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Betsy Bells Farm Table/Worktable and bench.


Some more pics of the white oak reclaimed wood table

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A video with tips on caring for your table, by dylan, and a new table.

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Thank God it’s starting to get warmer

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I was dying for a second. It seemed like it would never get warm. But I had a realization, love and beauty are the only things that really matter. lol it sounds so cliche, but I have a love of beautiful things, and qualities in things and people. That’s what I fixate upon. I was reading up on Axel Vervoordt’s website, and he really has a lot to say which resonates with me. Check him out. He’s my idol.


A new day

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Working on unloading debris from the store

Dylan finishing up a table

Some interesting pics I took around the city

Some beautiful reclaimed pieces of wood




Before/During/After – Shelves and Desk – Dylan and Vitaly

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Floating shelves and desk in DUMBO Brooklyn

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